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The monday night Dante's crowd's Journal

10th March, 2008. 5:03 pm. OMFBG Dante's tonight?(mikeprincipito)

Can it be true?

Yes it is!

I'll probably be showing up closer to 8:30ish. I would be surprised if I got there any later than 9PM. I would be there a bit sooner, but I'm picking up a special guest! OMFBG! Who could it be?

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3rd March, 2008. 9:26 am. OMFBG ROLFFLES!(mikeprincipito)

T minus 1 week. Dante's reunion back in style.

Who is bringing the pudding?

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24th February, 2008. 6:44 pm. Dante's Reunion(mikeprincipito)

March 10th 8PM

'nough said

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15th November, 2007. 2:52 pm. Dantes event Monday March 10th 2008(mikeprincipito)

You heard me. Be there or be []

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8th March, 2006. 11:59 am. Drink with Brad (not at Dante's)(bostonsteamer)

This isn't at Dante's but it's LJ and drinking so it seemed relevant:

So, some of the original LiveJournal crew (brad, lisa, daveman692) will be back in town on Friday, back to where it all began in a grass- and mud-smelling UW dormroom.

We're primarily coming up for work (other employees are in Seattle whom we're meeting with), but we're trying to mix some pleasure in with business.

So yeah --- beer:

Friday, 7pm - ~9/10pm: Jillian's Billiards Club
(731 Westlake Ave)

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11th October, 2005. 1:59 pm. Patrick's Birthday(patrick)

Hey everyone.
I'm going to be at Dante's tonight for my birthday and although this community is mostly dead, I wanted to post here anyways in case someone doesn't read my journal.

Come on by, you know you miss the old school Dante's fun and it would be nice to see everyone.

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25th September, 2005. 8:23 am. super late notice(carebearc)

martin's memorial gathering at dante's is today starting at 3pm. jim is flying in today and will definitely be there.

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9th August, 2005. 11:58 am. r.i.p. martin :((carebearc)

i just received a call from jim, apparently our old friend martin of dante's fame just passed away. jim thinks that dante's will be doing a 'memorial service' of their own to honor his memory -- i'll update here when i find out more info.

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21st November, 2004. 6:08 pm. Day-After-Thanksgiving Dante's?(erik)

For those of you not travelling far, far away for Thanksgiving, consider coming out to Dante's on Friday around 9. My girlfriend Christina (film_girl) will be in town and we're going to go there to have some drinks and hang out with people. Since a lot of you dantes_crew members are the ones I'm intending to see anyway, I thought I'd post it here. It'd be awesome to see as many of the old Dante's faces as possible.

If you like, leave a comment and tell me if you can come. That way I'll know who I can refrain from calling and harassing. ;-)

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4th October, 2004. 11:35 pm.(epictetus_rex)

I have absolutely no idea what you folks are talking about, but i'm absolutely BOMBED right now, and it seems to make sense to me.

God, i'm completely BLOTTO.


Ol' jimmy

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